Body Lotion 'SIMPLY RELAXING' ฉัน..ผ่อนคลาย'


Natural & Aromatherapy Body Wash with imported Organic Argan Oil Sweet and sour aromatic mixed of Jasmine, Orange Peel and Ylang Ylang


Categories : Body Lotion


With certified Organic Argan Oil, Rice bran Oil, and Avocado Oil help skin naturally moisturizes. Avocado Oil has strong property of recover chapped and dry skin. 

Aromatic of Orange peel & Ylang Ylang essential oil and Jasmine contain relaxation, relief stress and calming property.
  • Pure plants and essential oil extract
  • 99% Natural ingredients
  • Non-greasy and oily to skin
  • No Paraben | No Silicone | No Mineral Oil | No Harsh chemicals 
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